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TV interview about Dispute Finder

NPR: On The Media

Looking for a Fight, July 31st, 2009 Sacramento Bee

New Scientist

"Dispute Finder" web tool gives two sides of a story, June 19th, 2009

CBC (Canadian Public Radio): Spark

Rob Ennals identifies controversial claims with DisputeFinder (full interview), Feb 21st

2010 New York Times Bay Area

The Future of Online Public Discourse, December 8th, 2009

Sky (UK Cable TV)

Intel's World of Tomorrow, News Gathering and Broadcast, Episode 2, November 2009

Christian Science Monitor

Dispute Finder: Making the Call on Web ‚€œFacts‚€, Oct 13th, 2009

ACM TechNews

Syndicated Christian Science Monitor story

The Toronto Star

At last, a shovel for all that BS, Sep 5th, 2009

CBS News : The Tomorrow Show

Slacking in the Future, Aug 30th, 2009

The Canadian Press (syndicated to other Canadian Newspapers)

New tool flags disputed claims, but observers say its an uphill battle, Aug 19th, 2009

Sacramento Bee

Intel Project seeks to mark disputed web information, July 18th, 2009

San Francisco Chronicle

Crap Detection 101, Jun 30th, 2009

San Jose Mercury

A glimpse of Intel's Futuristic Gadgets, Jun 26th, 2009

The Guardian

Intel Innovation Lights up its 2009 Research Day, June 24th, 2009


Iran, Technology and Truth: Do you care if your information is false, June 22nd, 2009

Fast Company

This Weeks Top Tech News: Elimination Edition, June 21st, 2009


Intel program spotlights dubious online claims, June 19th, 2009

Wall Street Journal

Sifting for News at Intel's Annual Research Day, June 18th, 2009


Intel's bullshit filter exposes disputed information on the Internet, June 19th, 2009


Intel's Think Link is a Paradise for Fact Trolls, April 30th, 2009


Confrontational Computing: Empowering all Users via the Web, April 3rd, 2009.

Referred to Dispute Finder as hands down, the most amazing idea I've ever heard of when it comes to using the web.

PC Magazine

Outside Intel Mad Scientists Hard at Work, April 2nd, 2009


Intel Mash Maker launches without chips on the side, 2008


Intel tries hand at consumer mashups, 2008

CNet News

Intel Mash Maker. Mashups for the Masses, Apri 22nd, 2008

IEEE Pervasive Computing, News section

Mash Maker, Make Me a Mash, Jan-March, 2008

Jerusalem Post (Israeli national paper)

title lost...

The Guardian (UK national paper), twice

Will Mashups ever be mass market?, Oct 15th, 2007

Microsoft's PopFly now in public Beta, Oct 18th, 2007

Washington Post, twice

A week of wonderful new web apps, April 25th, 2008

Mashups fall short of mainstream, March 24th, 2008

MIT Technology Review

Web Mashups Made Easy, March 12th, 2008

PC World, twice

Intel's Mash Maker, Mashups for the rest of us, 2008

Intel Makes Mashups for the Masses, 2007

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Intel Releases Mashups for the Masses, September 23rd, 2007

San Jose Mercury

Chip Maker shows off R&D Projects, 2007

ACM Tech News

Web Mashups made Easy (from MIT Technology Review), March 12th, 2008

Chip Maker shows off R&D Projects (from SJ Mercury), June 22nd, 2007


Lessons from a Science Fair: Intel is Back on the Rise, 2007

PC Magazine        

Intel R&D Demos Anti-Cheat, Digital Cash

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