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Day 6: And Relax...

Rest day

The tour wasn't due to cross the Tourmalet until the next day, so we decided to take a rest day, so as to allow it to arrive. This largely consisted of hanging round Barages, not doing very much.

Barages is primarily a ski resort, and it felt very much off-season when we were there. Much of the town was taken up by ski-shops, clubs, and hotels, all of which seemed to be largely closed. It had one of the best hidden supermarkets ever, which we managed to miss on four separate searches of it's street - this despite the fact it was bright green and had trolleys outside. [Simon - it also had an unbelievably cool Lambo Diablo]

We spent most of the day just lazing around, playing ping pong, wandering around town, eating in cafes [Simon- watching the Tour as Lance took finally took yellow], and generally wasting time. To top it all, we had both a lie-in, and an early night - using the excuse of needing to get up at 7am the next day.