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Day 9: Simon and The Toilet

Aspet -> Massat

Climbs:Nothing significant Consistent with our aim of getting to Ax Les Thermes, we did a fairly easy, fairly flat day. Nothing particularly memorable happened (Zorro bread aside), except for a little episode in St Girons.

Simon was feeling internally overloaded, and declared a desire for a toilet. A toilet naturally appeared, but on inspection, was revealed to be a French toilet. We had clearly ventured into the "wrong" part of France (the Basques use proper toilets). The call of his innards overwhelming his desire for decency, Simon decided to give it a go.

After a considerable period of time, Simon emerged, appalled yet triumphant, and duly took a photo of his conquest - just as a woman emerged from the cubicle next-door. For some reason, Simon was feeling knackered, and so we had an early night, going to bed while it was still daylight - very difficult in a tent that lets all the light in.

[Simon: Surely something else must have happened on this day?] /[Nope, it didn't. I recall feeling ill. The scenery up to Massat was claustrophobic, there was a headwind, the majority of the route was slowly uphill, and I put my head down and pedalled. I recall when I got hungry a picnic bench appeared, but I mainly slept on it rather than ate. Definitely the worst day of the tour!] /