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Sighisoara - birthplace of Dracular

by - August 2 2010

Sighisoara is celebrated as the birthplace of Vlad Tepes, aka Vlad the impaler, who acquired the name "Dracul" meaning dragon. Sighusoara is also a well preserved mediaeval hilltop citadel that is a pretty good match to the stereotype of a Transylvanian hilltop fortress.

As one might expect, modern Sighisoara is very touristy. Most people in the citadel are either tourists or people selling things to tourists. The atmosphere is rather like Venice - a place that was once real but is now essentially a theme park.

Tomorrow I'll be taking the train to Brasov so that I can visit the Bran and Rasnov castles, and then I'll be making a brief stop in Bucharest before travelling on to Bulgaria.